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Welcome Back! 

As a loyal guest, scheduling is easy and simple!

 If you know EXACTLY what you need to schedule, please schedule yourself here!


Some service options are not listed (such as Vivids, Transformative, Corrective Color, or Makeup Services) and require an appointment request form (below)to be filled out.



Appointments booked online will be pending approval until approved by Brittany.

Days or times may need to be adjusted before approval. 

For the most up-to-date pricing,

visit the Service Menu.

-'Appointment Notes' Section when scheduling -

This is the space where you may indicate customization options of your appointment:

  • like a Calm & Quiet Appointment. 

  • If you'd like a beverage waiting for you & what type.

  •  Indicate if there are additional times/days that can also work for your appointment request

  • Or let me know anything else in that space! 

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