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Brittany Reed


I am a licensed Cosmetologist proudly serving Clive, Iowa (The Des Moines Metro Area). 

With over 17 years of experience, I specialize in dimensional, low maintenance color & bespoke haircuts.

Bespoke: (adjective) Made to custom order; Custom made.

I also have more than 12 years of experience creating natural makeup looks for any special occasion, photography, and film.

My time outside of the salon is spent in the gym, pottery classes, travel, reading, or binging various streaming shows at home with my 2 cats.

I also try to find the time to meditate each day.

I find it to be a helpful tool for me to stay present in the moment and bringing my creative A-game. I suppose you could call me the Self Care Queen!

I have had a love of all things art since my earliest memories.

Art was the one thing that was always highly encouraged in my life. 

Hair & skin are my primary canvases!


Creating radiant, dimensional hair color is a passion & specialty of mine.  

     I work with you to create the perfect custom color for you. 

For me, a haircut is much more than just a cut; cutting hair is a sculpture.

That perspective on cutting is truly what sets me apart.

Cosmetology allows me to utilize a beautiful balance of art & science to help you look and feel your best.


My goal is for you to leave my studio feeling uplifted, relaxed, and more confident than ever! 

I am filled with gratitude for this industry that has allowed me to meet and know so many fantastic people. 


    Now that you know a bit more about me and what to expect, reach out to request an appointment! 


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