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What product lines do you use and sell?

I primarily use Kevin Murphy and Olaplex. 

The color line I use and am trained in is Kevin Murphy.  

I am also a Certified Olaplex Professional. 

When coloring my hair, when should I wash it?

I prefer for you to come to the salon for your color service with clean and dry hair (washed within 24 hours of your color appointment). 

After the color service, I recommend waiting a minimum 24 hours to wash your hair so the color molecules can rest in their new home. 

Do you do Curly Cuts? 

YES! I LOVE curly cuts! I advise ALL curly guests to come in with their hair exactly how they normally wear it. 

After a thorough consultation, I will do a dry curly cut. 

I will then wash and dry those beautiful locks and then refine anything needed after! 

Do you do Dry Cuts? 

I do! I LOVE dry cuts! For nearly all of my haircut services, I do half of the cut wet and the other half of it dry. The full customization comes in during the dry cutting portion of the cut - I can sculpt and detail the hair in the way it will live. 

Do you travel to do hair and makeup on location?

I do on location makeup!

I do have a limit of 3 clients for makeup. 

I will do very basic styling (curling, straightening, and product), but I do not do any up-do's/intricate styling. 

Pricing is different for anything not in my salon studio and anything outside of my normal business hours. Please inquire via email for more info! 

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