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Why do I need to fill out the new guest appointment request form? Why do you need photos of me? What do you do with them after?

Because my salon studio is by appointment only, I need as much information as I can get regarding what you want to accomplish at your appointment and what your hair currently looks like. Having an idea of where I'm starting at and what the goal for your hair is allows me to determine the amount of time I need to schedule for your appointment so that I can give my all to your appointment and also not run late for the guest after you!      You will not have to fill out a form with this much detail like this for future appointments with me - in most cases (maybe not all) you'll be able to schedule your appointments yourself after your first appointment with me! 

 I do NOT keep your photos or information once we have your appointment. I delete it all after your appointment with me

I'm coming in for a color appointment!

When should I wash it?

I prefer for you to come to the salon for your color service with clean and dry hair (washed within 24 hours of your color appointment). 

After the color service, I recommend waiting a minimum 24 hours to wash your hair so the color molecules can rest in their new home. 

How long after coloring my hair should I wash it? 

I typically recommend 48 hours so that the color molecules can adjust to their new home. 

I will also recommend the appropriate shampoo and conditioner specifically for your hair and best color and styling results. 

Do you travel to do hair and makeup on location?

I do on location makeup!

I do have a limit of 3 clients for makeup. 

I will do very basic styling (curling, straightening, and product), but I do not do any up-do's/intricate styling. 

Pricing is different for anything not in my salon studio and anything outside of my normal business hours. Please inquire via email for more info! 

Do you do Curly Cuts? 

YES! I LOVE curly cuts!

I advise ALL curly guests to come in with their hair exactly how they normally wear it. 

After a thorough consultation, I will do a dry curly cut. 

I will then wash and dry those beautiful locks and then refine anything needed after! 

What product lines do you use and sell?

I primarily use Kevin Murphy and Olaplex. 

The color line I use and am trained in is Kevin Murphy.  

I am also a Certified Olaplex Professional. 

Do you do Dry Cuts? 

I do! I LOVE dry cuts! For nearly all of my haircut services, I do half of the cut wet and the other half of it dry. The full customization comes in during the dry cutting portion of the cut - I can sculpt and detail the hair in the way it will live. 

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